Wedding Officiant to Share Your Love Story

What are you expecting from your wedding ceremony?

Wedding venue in a park. Perfect place for a wedding officiant to share your love story.

Would you like the ceremony to be:

Fun and Interesting?

Entertaining and Engaging?

Captivating?  Not Boring?

All of the above!

Wedding ritual: Couple pouring sand into hourglass as wedding officiant shares their love story.

A Customized Ceremony

We will work together, in an in-person planning session! 

I'll guide you through the welcome, the vows, the ring exchange, the pronouncement and other options.

Hands shaped as heart, capturing the setting sun over the ocean.  Components that may be part of your love story wedding.

A Personalized Ceremony

I tell your love story. Your relationship is unique! 

How you met, got engaged, and love each other is magical! I will share that magic by telling your family and friends, on your day.

Hello, my name is Gil

Gil Sanchez is a professional wedding officiant, a non~denominational ordained minister, and views each ceremony as an opportunity to create a unique, emotional, and joyous experience. Servicing New Jersey, New York, and more.

Your wedding should actually be aboutthe two of you!

Other officiants may mention how you met or got engaged. I will tell your story in a way that everyone can share the experience! I want you to be thrilled by your ceremony and have your guests raving about it!

Wedding Officiant and Ordained Minister Gil Sanchez
Wedding Officiant and Ordained Minister Gil Sanchez